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lounge bar in provincia di trapani. Relax a Villa Favorita.

Baglio Amodeo

where the roots of the Amodeo family lie: a history in which art,
wine and the Sicilian Risorgimento
they met to give shape to what is now Villa Favorita Hotel & Event

marchio amodeo. vino marsala e villa favorita
bottiglia storica di vino. baglio amodeo.

The history of Villa Favorita begins in 1860
thanks to the entrepreneur and Garibaldian
Salvatore Amodeo.

An island, wine, the Amodeo family

This place is the synthesis of the creative flair of a man from Trapani, Salvatore Amodeo, who later
The Garibaldi Epopea moved to Marsala where he lived for the rest of his life creating an industry
winery, the Salvatore Amodeo 8 Figlio , among the most prestigious of those operating between the
second half of the 19th century and part of the following century.

The wine industry

villa favorita. torre della villa antica a Marsala.

By his will he began the construction of a powerful-looking beam with a large portal flanked by two turrets and which hides a refined and secret architecture inside.

A large barrel room adapted according to the characteristics of the wine factories already existing at the time and built by the English.
Long warehouses with high roofs for ventilation, with clay tile roofing to maintain uniform temperatures throughout the different seasons.

The house was furnished with lavishness according to the fashion that characterized Sicilian tastes in the second half of the nineteenth century until the beginning of the twentieth century.

The jewel of the entire Amodeo residence was the Liberty Room: the winter garden, with exotic plants and a greenhouse with many flowers, furnished with armchairs, and also served as a reading room.

A powerful beam

Outside the rooms in which the family lived, one cannot fail to mention the large secret garden of the Villa .
An uncontaminated landscape, great scenery
beauty, where in the sells dazzling gods
Ficus Benjamin embeds the spots of color
of palm trees, Washgtonia robusta and the background
of bamboo and sterlizie with a curious prevalence
of exotic plants over indigenous ones.

The secret garden

disegno albero secolare.
cartolina storica per negoziazione di vino Marsala. Salvatore amodeo e Villa favorita

Relations with Garibaldi

Salvatore Amodeo belonged to the same Lodge as General Garibaldi.
Despite his passion and commitment to the wine industry, he maintained an extensive correspondence with many Garibaldians from some Italian regions.

Villa Favorita today

Giuseppe Valenti. Villa Favorita. storia del baglio amodeo

Subsequently taken over by the entrepreneur and photographer Giuseppe Valenti , called Pino, the transformation process began which led the old Baglio Amodeo to become the hotel complex and reception hall as we know it today.

Administered with great ability, the Valenti family managed to give the structure such a boost that it became a leader in its field.

Today Villa Favorita, with more than 50 years of activity, with its extension of 30,000 m2 represents a point of reference for weddings and hospitality in the province of Trapani.


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